Picasso Original Exhibition Poster at the Palazzo Reale, Italy 1953
                                                            $6,895.00 USD
Estate Picasso original, exhibition poster at the Palazzo Reale, Italy.
Measures 54" x 79" and is done in 2 parts. It has the watermark, Enit on the bottom left, which is for the Italian Government Tourist Board.
This is an original lithograph, reading Mostra Di Picasso, Milano. Palazzo Reale. Settembre. Novembre 1953. Only 1,000 were printed. Above Milano on the left, you will see the Enit watermark, below Milano you will read, Ind. Graf. N. Moneta s.p.a. Milano 1953 and on the bottom right of the poster, Esente Da Bollo.
This poster is in as good condition as you can get, it is done in two parts and is on a conservatory backing on linen. There is one minor repair, which you will see in the photographs provided.
A beautiful exhibition poster from our past.
Uncle Tom's Cabin Marks Original 1890's Lithograph Poster
                                                         $385.00 USD
Estate original, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Marks, lithograph poster.
Circa 1890's and measures 27 15/16" x 21".
This is an original lithograph, featuring the character, Marks, in the center holding an umbrella. The words, Uncle Tom's Cabin appear in the center of two pictures, one of Abraham Lincoln in the top left corner and the 2nd of Harriett Beecher Stowe in the top right corner. The charachters' name, Marks, appears in the bottom center and the watermark of the printer, Ackermann-Quigley, Lithograph Co., Kansas City, appears in the bottom right and No.2223 appears in the very bottom right corner.
These lithographs were produced for roadshows of Harriett Beecher Stowe's play, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
This poster is in good condition for the age with very beautiful and bright colors. Minor tears on the edges, which you will see in the photographs provided. Just a beautiful piece of history.