Richardson RPPC Post Card, Mount Mansfield, Stowe, Vermont with a Pasture #834
                                          $28.00 USD
What a great find! A great selection of Harry Wendell Richardson, real photo post cards, from Newport, Vermont. These were all consigned by an original member of this family.
Measures 5 3/8" wide by 3 3/8" high.
Features the view of the Stowe Village and a pasture from Mount Mansfield, Stowe, Vermont with the beautiful Stowe Community Church showing beautifully in the distance and is signed Richardson #834.
Harry Wendell Richardson was born in 1894 and passed away in 1960. He composed beautiful photographs from 1918 to 1950 and operated a shop in Newport, Vermont.
This is an early post card, never used, does show some wear to the corners and edges along with some age spots.