Rare Complete Detmold 16 Illustrations of Subjects from Kiplings Jungle Book, Macmillan 1903
                                                                                       $6,800.00 USD
Complete 16 x 22" folio, Detmold, Maurice and Edward, illustrated, SIXTEEN ILLUSTRATIONS OF SUBJECTS FROM KIPLINGS JUNGLE BOOK, London, Macmillan 1903, containing 16 plates along with a list of the illustrations. They are all in a gilt cloth case with a gold eagle design. Elephant folio, 22" x 16". (Actually 15 3/4" x 22")
It is not known how many of these beautiful folios by the Detmold twins were done, but it makes sense that due to the beauty of the illustrations, many were framed, leaving few left intact. Each illustration has a protective frontice paper and a full protective paper sheet bearing the title of the piece. All this has preserved these beautiful plates all these years. They are all still bright and colorful, and in untouched condition.
Rudyard Kipling was born in Bombay, India in 1865 and passed away in 1936. Kipling, a world renown writer got his education in England, returned to India in 1882 and received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907. He married Caroline Balestier and settled in Brattleboro, Vermont in 1892, which is where he wrote the Jungle Book in 1894.
This folio was published when the Detmold twins were 21 years of age. Rarely are these found complete. There is wear to the outside cover and on the edge of the title and list of illustration pages, as the photos show.
This is being offered for sale, in this good condition for close to $15,000.00 and for over $8,000.00 in repaired condition.