Peter Bradley Abstract Acrylic Painting on Canvas Titled, "Koos" Circa 1973 40" x 99"
                                                                 $48,000.00 USD
Estate, original signed Peter Bradley abstract, acrylic on canvas painting, titled Koos, dated 1973 and is an impressive size of 40" x 99".
This painting is signed and titled on the back in pencil and still retains the noted Andre Emmerich Gallery, New York gallery tag.
This is a beautiful, original, early abstract painting by noted artist Peter Bradley, dating from 1973, in the early stages of his creative life and executed with wonderful eggshell colors in an array of natural cosmos colors in deep and light sky blue with varying textures and shading, appropriately given the title "KOOS".
To view this painting makes you feel like you are caught up in a yoga class, having just total relaxation and peace.
This painting is fresh to the market and has been adorning the same bedroom wall for the past 44 years. The colors are as vibrant as when the painting was purchased and has been very well
protected over the years.
Peter Bradley was born in 1940 in Connellsville, Penn. and attended the Society of Arts and Crafts in Detroit and later Yale University. Peter Bradley was the associate director of the Perls Galleries from 1968 to 1975. He donated his papers from this period to the Smithsonian Institution. In 1971, he curated the "Deluxe Show" in Houston, Texas which was considered to be one of the first racially integrated art exhibitions in the United States.
He was instrumental in the "New New Painters" movement, a group of nice abstract artists in 1978 coincident with the invention and development of acrylic gel paint by the noted chemist Sam Golden.
Many museums have Peter Bradley's work in permanent collections including Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Andre Emmerich Galley, The Industrial Bank of Japan, Hong Kong, Aldrich Museum, Hayward Museum, University of Sydney, Princeton University, University of California, Berkeley, African American Museum, Los Angeles, Dayton Art Institute, Chairman Bank, Boston, Johannesburg Art Foundation, South Africa, University of North Carolina, Stamford Connecticut Museum, Witherspoon Art Gallery, maybe more.
This is a great opportunity to purchase this great investment piece from a top NYC abstract school artist who has given much notoriety to the black art movement in New York City.
$1,895.00 USD
Original Rick Heath, acrylic on canvas painting for the M.U.M. (The Society of American Magicians magazine) February 2002 issue.
This beautiful painting depicts Le Grand David producing a dove to commemorate the Le Grand David Company's 25th Anniversary performance.
Measuring 25" x 19" with an image size of 22" x 17", it is in great condition under glass.
Le Grand David and his Spectacular Magic Company was the longest consecutively running state magic show. Being a member of Le Grand, David and his spectacular Magic Company, Rick Heath painted a lot of the posters and artwork for the show and theater.
Cesareo Pelaez, a Professor of Psychology at Salem University and a life time lover of magic, along with a group of friends, many who were past students, came together to purchase The Cabot St. Cinema Theatre in Beverly MA. in 1976.
On Feb 20th, 1977, the first 'LeGrand David' Show debuted at the Cabot. Two hours of live stage magic with a cast that varied over the years to as many as 50+ performers and backstage people.  The family-oriented stage magic show ran on most Sundays at the Cabot Street Cinema Theatre from late September to early June from 1977-2012.  In the 1980s the company got together to purchase a second theatre in town called the Larcom Theatre and soon began presenting a totally different show of grand illusion and wonder.
In the early days of the production, everything was done in house. The costumes, the back drops and scenery, the props and illusions were all built, painted, sewed and made by the members of the troupe. Even on the rare occasion when they might purchase a prop, it was given the LeGrand David make-over. The ceiling tiles of the theater lobby are all hand decorated, the walls are adorned with giant posters for the magic show, all hand painted by members of the company in the early days. In later years the majority of the painting work was done by Rick Heath with Cesareo's input on design.  Each poster that promotes the show is it's own work of art.
A beautiful piece of art from a time gone by.