Wonderful collection of early 19th Century shutters from a Milton, Vermont Federal house. 
All of these shutters have original green milk paint and their original hardware.  They were recently taken off a house on a repaint. Please note that at least 10 sets have original strap hinges and hand cut screws and are around the 1820 period with the balance of shutters having original hardware and paint, dating from around the 1840’s. The later shutters were from an early addition put on the house around 1840. All of the shutters have wooden pins holding the full mortise and tenon construction.  A big plus is that these shutters do not have multiple layers of paint, making them even more desirable.
When we photographed these shutters, we photographed one of the pair on the front and the other on the back.  One of the last photos show the hand cut screw with the next photo being the shutter it was taken from.  If you want original 19th century shutters for your early house restoration project or would like them for interior accents, they will certainly make a great statement for your decorating.
We have done our best to describe the size and condition with measurements and photos.  
The sizes are: In Pairs:
1 pair:  74"    x    9 ¾" 
4 pair:  70 ¼"x  17 ¾"
2 pair:  69 ¾"x  14 ¾"
1 pair:  61 ¾"x  16"
4 pair:  61 ½"x    9"
2 pair:  61 ¼"x 16 ¼"
6 pair:  52"    x 16 ¾"
1 pair:  51 ¼"x 16 ½"
5 pair:  51"    x 16 ¼"
1 pair:  50 ¾"x 16 ¼"
4 pair:  49"    x 16 ½"
1 pair:  44"    x 15"
1 pair:  42"    x 15 ¼"
These are close and could be made into pairs:
62" x 16" and 61 1/8" x 16 ¼"
51" x 16 ¼" and 51 ¼" x 16 ¼"
The following are odd ones: 65 ¾" x 16 ½", 57 ½" x 9", 52 ¼" x 16 ¾", 51" x 19", 49" x 16 ½" and 44" x 16".
These shutters are in good condition for their age, with the normal aging, nicking, chipping, none with major damage.   Before we got them, the ones with major damage were disposed of, thus leaving some without the other pair.
$5,895.00 USD
Beautiful, Art Nouveau, Tiffany quality, unsigned solid bronze bank doors.
Circa 1890 and measure 6' 4" tall by 20" wide and 3/4" depth.
They retain their beautiful patina that developed over the years and the hinges are in tact. You can just build your doorway and pop the doors in.
These gorgous doors came from a bank in Burlington, Vermont...........don't hold us to it, but we believe it was the Merchants Bank in Burlington, Vermont.