$38,000.00 USD
Estate grand dining table by noted San Francisco artist Peter Gutkin which is signed and dated 2000. Do check out his web site. He calls his work, EARTHY INSPIRATION - MODERN INCLINATION.
According to the artist this was the last table that he chiseled by hand. He is now using a power assisted wood gauge to carve, making this, in our minds, an even better value. This Saluki dining table was done by his own hands in the In-Situ style.
This came out of a home on Lake Champlain facing over the water, being boat shaped and the hand chiseled effect to this estate represented the water. They paid $60,000.00 plus for the table and after conferring with Peter Gutkin, he substantiated this and advised that the table would now sell for at least $68,000.00.
Measuring 8 feet long, 54” at one end and being shaped like a boat, 42” at the other end and 30 inches high, the top is extremely heavy, measuring about 2” thick, and is ebonized and cerused quartersawn oak, taking at least 4 men to lift it. The cast stone pedestals are a polyester composite and wood.