Estate, Louis Vuitton vintage chest having an exterior of yellow Vuittonite Canvas from the 1920 period and a beautiful marshmallow interior.
 A similar one we saw on the Internet was valued at $35,000.00.  And, we find a very few of the orange vuittonite canvas, but cannot find another yellow vuittonite.  
Also, very unusual, it is retaining its original leather strap.
  Measuring 44" long, 22" deep and 21" high, it is in great condition with some staining on the inside bottom. We have not touched it to clean it inside or outside.
As it should be all the hardware and leather is signed as well the large label on the inside. and it is numbered #750124.
It retains its original castors on the bottom and has the owner's name on the front T. J. Belchamber and T. J. B. on the sides.  We think it adds to the history, however if you do not want the name it can be done.